Neighbourhood Greenways are small-scale, local connections for pedestrians and cyclists linking parks, natural areas, historic sites, amenities, and commercial streets.

Local residents initiate Neighbourhood Greenways, which are seen as partnerships between the City and communities. 

The City provides assistance in the design, development and construction of Neighbourhood Greenways. Once completed, the community is expected to take the lead, and to maintain the space once completed.

400 Block east 23rd  in 2003 Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway today.

The existing Neighbourhood Greenways in Vancouver demonstrate the range of possibilities for public involvement and show the commitment and resourcefulness of local residents. The most recent Neighbourhood Greenway, the Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway  opened in the spring of 2008.


Since then it has become a jewel in the neighbourhood and a focal point for Charles Tupper Secondary School and the surrounding community, transforming a closed portion of East 23rd Ave into a beautiful neighbourhood garden space.